At designers guild we strive to provide a wide range of products made from various raw materials to suit every taste. From classic to contemporary designing, our team of stylists is working around the clock to ensure that we have furniture to satisfy every client. The wood used is Rose Wood and walnut, which are the best in the world. Hence at Trendline Furnishers we have products to suit every customer's furnishing needs.
       We offer a choice between full fabric sofas and fabric plus wood sofas. There are plenty of designs that are being displayed at the showroom. These can be developed according to the client's needs, tastes and requirements.

       We mainly carry 6 seat, 8 seat and 10 seat dinning sets. The table tops are either of glass, wood or a mixture of the two. The client can choose from designs displayed or from our catalogue. We also provide the option of customized designing.
       We've a new range of Hall Tables & Console Tables in store. You can see them all, we also provide the option of customized designing.
       LED TVs have rapidly become incredibly popular, and are clearly rising as the new standard in televisions. Technically an advanced type of LCD TV, LED TVs have conquered the market enough to fall into a category of their own, and ar poised to give older LCD TVs a serious run for the money. The technology allows for a greatly improved picture quality compared to plasma, LCD and DLP TVs.